Pioneer in performance issues: helping musicians solve problems hampering their artistic growth, such as performance anxiety, trauma, technical deficiencies. Ms. Elson is expert in discriminating amongst the possible causes of artistic problems
and addressing them appropriately;

Piano teacher: combining the best of traditional teaching methods with the latest in mechanics of passionate and efficient playing, and the psychological components of artistry;

Psychotherapist: specializing in working with artists and performers in all fields;

Author: Passionate Practice: The Musician's Guide to Learning, Memorizing and Performing, is a breakthrough method which provides concrete steps to integrate mental and physical ease into practicing, and offers cutting-edge strategies for optimum performance;

The Couch and the Piano: Music and Psyche, Ms. Elson's second book, now available, relates case studies of musicians, the trauma impeding their professional and personal development, and the psychological and musical approaches used in their healing.

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